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The Adamson Trust

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David, 12, enjoying bubble activities during a trip to Eastbourne for 40 disabled children in February 2018 with Shabaton L’menucha, a charitable trust in London. The Adamson Trust contributed to the cost of this outing.

Pretty bubbles in the air

Alec, 9, was among 40 disabled children on a weekend visit to Eastbourne  in February 2018 with Shabaton L’menucha, a London trust which arranges trips and other activities for children with special needs. The programmes are designed to give the children maximum enjoyment and stimulation, while their families get a much needed respite break. “It is a wonderful doubly fantastic resolution ,’’ said Trust administrator Pearl Levin. “We extend deep appreciation to The Adamson Trust for enabling us to support disabled children.’

What a cuddly bunny

Two-year-old Beau at Centre Parcs in the Sherwood Forest during a holiday with his family funded by CF Dream Holidays, a charity which provides free respite breaks and holidays for children throughout Britain suffering from cystic fibrosis, a disease caused by the body producing thick sticky mucus which clogs the lungs and digestive system. This terrible, life-threatening illness , for which there is no cure, affects these children on a daily basis and deprives them of a normal childhood.  “We are so grateful to you at The Adamson Trust for your continuing support of Dream Holidays over the years,’’ said Chief Executive Elaine Tozer. “This year (2018) we have been able to help another 200 or so families with a much-needed respite break in the United Kingdom. Fun and laughter was had by all. The lovely weather definitely helped as well. So thank you once again to all our friends at The Adamson Trust for your kindness.”

“Your generosity enabled our organisation to arrange activities and weekends to enhance the lives of the participants, while granting reprieve for their families. The smiles on the kids’ faces are testimony to the unbelievable value of your contribution.” Shabaton L’Menucha, a London charity that arranges weekend trips for children with special needs.

Charlotte, 5, aboard a boat on holiday in the Isle of Wight with CF Dream Holidays which provides free holidays for families with a child suffering from cystic fibrosis.